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To commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the Death of Mdm. Chiang Kai-Shek, the Grand Hotel invites you to taste Mdm. Chian’s favorite red bean muffin

October 23rd is the 10th anniversary of the death of Mdm. Chaing Kai-Shek, the founder of Grand Hotel. In order to commemorate the contribution Mdm. Chiang, who is also one of the top ten most influential women in the world, had made to our hotel, we especially host the “Exhibition to commemorate the10th Anniversary of the death of Mdm. Chiang Kai-Shek” from October 1st to November 30th. The exhibition will held at the V floor in our hotel. Photos of Mdm. Chaing and related antiques will be displayed. A promotion of red bean muffin give away will also be held in the Yuan Tea House.   
  A collection of Mdm. Chiang’s photos and antiques will be displayed the exhibition, including the historical image of Mdm. Chaing receiving international guests, photos with Ms. Jannet Kong, her house in Long Island, USA etc. For the antiques including the tea set used by Mdm. Chiang, her jewelry box, match box, and her painting album published in 1956 and 1974.
    The Yuan Tea House was established by Mdm. Chiang in 1973. During the exhibition, the Yuan Tea House also promotes “Purchase over $1000 will get free red bean muffin” and “Buy 10 red bean muffin get 1 free”. Customers could have the red bean muffin in the tea house or take away, to appreciate this special dessert most loved by Mdm. Chiang. It is said that the dessert is what Mdm. Chiang missed the most about her home town when she first moved to Taiwan. At first, the Chef didn’t know how to make the dessert. After numerous trying and testing with Ms Kong’s detailed description of the recipe, the Chef finally produced this “ sweet but not greasy, bouncy but soft” red bean muffin.  There were always red bean muffins delivered from Grand Hotel kept in Mdm. Chiang’s refrigerator at her home in US till she passed away. 
“Exhibition to commemorate the10th Anniversary of the death of Mdm. Chiang Kai-Shek” and “Red bean muffin promotion” will be held from October 1st to November 30th. We welcome customers to visit the Grand Hotel founded by Mdm. Chiang, recall her elegant demeanor and taste her favorite dish in the Yuan Tea House. 

Madame Chiang in our mind

Chang Chin-San: Madame Chiang request 100% courtesy to guests

      The former manager of General Affairs Department Chang Chin-San has worked in the Grand Hotel from 1958 to 1998. He has worked in the Grand Hotel for more than 40 years and experienced the most glorious period with the hotel. Even till now, he likes to go through the documents and newspaper clippings that he collected before, and runs back over the period he has spent in the Grand Hotel. The request of Mme. Chiang to the colleagues in Grand Hotel is still fresh in his memory.
     Although Mme. Chiang respected everyone, she strictly demanded politeness. Mr. Chang Chin-San pointed that four ex-coworkers were fired because of improper behavior noticed by Mme. Chiang. One of them asked the guest to come by hooking his finger and it was seen by Mme. Chiang. Mme. Chiang didn’t reproach him right away but she asked the manager to fire out this colleague afterwards. Another colleague was a counter staff, he received guests with rolled-up sleeves because the weather was hot. Mme. Chiang thought it was inappropriate with unkempt appearance. Therefore, this colleague was dismissed. Another one was a guard and he read newspapers during duty time. He was laid off as well. The last one was a dormitory supervisor; he gathered employees to play mahjong over night and the supervisor didn’t take his salary home. The supervisor’s wife verified with the hotel and this matter came to light. Finally, he is fired out.
    Mr. Chang said that Mme. Chiang insisted on dismissing these four employees because they are undisciplined. If she didn’t punish them strictly, how could she manage staff after that? After Mme. Chiang left Taiwan for U.S.A., she still cared about the development of Grand Hotel very much. She felt it is important for the Grand Hotel to maintain its noble style and interdict any indecent situation.

Lee Ji-An: Madame Chiang preferred simple diet and took account of appearance

Serving Mme. Chiang and Ms. Jannet Kong closely shall not be an easy job but a rare opportunity!
     Lee Ji-An, a man of Yunnan, from Myanmar to Taiwan, has no family background. However, he was introduced to the Grand Hotel in 1984 and worked in Ming-Zhe Room.
     According to the retired manager Mr. Chang Chi-San, when Mme. Chiang came back Taiwan in 1986, he received instruction to send a staff to serve in the residence. He felt that Lee Ji-An is an honest and hardworking person, therefore he recommended Lee to serve in the residence. That carried a foreshadowing of being the chamberlain of Mme. Chiang’s home in U.S. afterwards.
     In September 1994, Mme. Chiang came back Taiwan to visit Miss Kong who was sick at that time. Few days after, Miss Kong passed away. Mme. Chiang had lived in New York ever since and never came back again. Mr. Lee Ji-An went to U.S. with Mme. Chiang in the same year. Mr. Lee remembered that on the plane back to U.S., there were less than 10 people, including doctor, nurse and security guards. The meals were prepared y the Grand Hotel, the residence and China Airlines. During Mme. Chiang’s stay in U.S., the Grand Hotel sent Mme.’s favorite muffins and vegetarian chicken every year. 
     The old Mme. Chiang preferred simple diet and didn’t eat too much. But she liked almond tea and lemon juice, etc. She read books and newspapers and slept. When the weather was good, she usually took a walk in the yard; when the weather was bad, she walked in the living room instead. In Mr. Lee’s impression, Mme. Chiang paid much attention to appearance and loved to wear high-heel shoes. Even she was over ninety years old at that time; she always wore high-heel shoes when she left room.
       Mr. Lee Ji-An originally planned to stay in U.S. for only one year, however, he incidentally kept Mme. Chiang’s company until a year before her death. This rare experience has become the most unforgettable memory for Mr. Lee.


Privacy policy

Dear friends, welcome to the website of the Grand Hotel. To ensure your Internet safety and privacy when using our e-services, we have made a number of related policies as written in the following notice. Please read it carefully, as you will also get to know how the Grand Hotel collects, references and protects your personal information.

  • Applicability

    When a user uses the Grand Hotel’s e-services, the policies on the collection, referencing and protection of individual client information are applicable.

  • The collection and use of client information

    This website will not collect any of your personal information if you only browse the site or download files.

    When you use the hotel’s e-services, such as writing an email to the hotel team or making reservations online, you will be required to give some of your personal information, such as your name and email address.

    The website will then record the time when you use the services, as well as the pages your visit. Such information will only be used to conduct surveys on the website’s traffic and customer behavior within the company. This is done to improve our service quality only. We do not go into details of your other personal information.

  • Internet safety policies

    We use an intrusion detection system to monitor Internet traffic, make sure no uploads or change of information are made without authorization, and stop hackers from wrecking havoc on the hotel website.

    A fire wall system is also set up to avoid malicious intrusions or information thefts. We make sure the website is not destroyed by hackers and the rights of users are protected.

    We use anti-virus software to kills bugs on a regular basis. We do our best to provide a safe, clean e-network for our guests.

    We also patch computer programs regularly, as advised by our operating system providers.

  • E-mailing policies

    We will only email you hotel-related materials or send a reply to your account when you allow us to do so, such as when you register at our website, or when you undertake online application procedures. We always clearly state the hotel name in the emails, and we also offer a quick link to terminate subscriptions or access related information in the letters.

  • Information sharing

    The Grand Hotel will never sell, exchange or lease any of your personal information to other individuals, groups or private enterprises.

  • Privacy protection

    If you have any questions about our privacy protection policies, please email us to let us know.

Internet safety policies

All of the hotel staff is obliged to promote the following policies, so as to ensure the safety of the Grand Hotel’s information system, Internet network and related facilities.

  • Management goals
    •  Make sure the information system is in steady operations.
    •  Keep hackers and viruses from intruding or destroying the network.
    •  Prevent bad intent on and illegal use of the information system from happening.
    •  Avoid human error or accidents.
    •  Make sure the hotel’s physical surroundings are safe.
  • Information and software exchange management

    Such management includes receiving and delivering of information and software, setting up technical standards and operation process, establishing rules for identifying senders and recepients, settling on the responsibilities to take when information is lost, ensuring the ownership of such information and the intellectual property right of the software, making sure the information is kept safe, as well as taking measures to protect confidential or sensitive materials.

  • The planning and management of Internet safety
    •  A network operation and monitoring standard is established to ensure safe data transmission and Internet connections. This can also prevent unauthorized access from taking place.
    •  Examinations on Internet safety are conducted on a regular basis.
    •  A fire wall system is introduced to monitor the transmission of and access to data among nodes within and outside the hotel’s network.
    •  Experts on Internet safety are invited to detect network loopholes for the hotel.
    •  New safety measures will always be announced upon implementation.
    •  Sensitive information should be encrypted when transmitted via public Internet as such, or use VPN connections with the corresponding institutions.
  • Firewall management
    •  A firewall system is installed to ensure safe data transmission and data access among nodes within and outside of the hotel’s network.
    •  A military zone and de-military zone are established in the hotel’s fire wall system, so as to protect users according to the services they use. E-services based within the hotel’s network are located in the military zone, while ultra-network services like the World Wide Web and eBAS are set in the de-military zone.
    •  Users from outside the network have to apply in advance to use services provided in the military zone.
    •  The fire wall is installed according to the Internet safety regulations of the Grand Hotel.
    •  The firewall should be monitored by an expert team, and records should be examined at any time if needed.
    •  The administrator should use a terminal to access the system as the firewall host. Remote log-ins are strictly forbidden.
    •  Once the firewall is fully established, the system administrator should conduct all necessary tests to make sure the wall lives up to the required safety standards.
    •  When changes are made to the hotel’s Internet safety policies and regulations, the system administrator should review and adjust the setting and access of the firewall system, so as to keep the hotel network safe at all time.
    •  The system administrator is responsible for all issues related to Internet safety. S/he should also keep the system updated to refrain from various cyber attacks.
    •  If necessary, VPNs (virtual private networks) based of various safety levels should be established between the hotel and its corresponding institutions, so as to ensure safe data transmission.
  • Email system management
    •  Personal emails should be kept in the recipient’s own private account. They should be promptly deleted delivered to the hotel’s public email system.
    •  Confidential official documents should never be delivered via email. Sensitive information may be delivered online when necessary, but the letter(s) must be encrypted in advance.
    •  To avoid impostors from sending emails in the name of the hotel staff, an e-signature may be attached in the emails. This will also help identify the recipient/sender and ensure the authenticity of the documents.
    •  To avoid malicious file execution, suspicious emails should never be read. If the system is attacked in a case like this, please contact the system administrator.
    •  It is forbidden to send letters that make recipients feel uneasy or upset.
    •  Anonymous letters and forgery are also prohibited.
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