Meet Bar

Come and enjoy a glass of wine specially brewed for the heads of state in the Red House where you can breathe the taste of culture.
The word “meet” in MEET Bar is a homonym of “secret passage” in Chinese. The bar connects old and new spaces adjacent to each other, which symbolizes the old days and present of The Grand Hotel. The hotel has newly opened a path for “a slightly intoxicating walk in Taipei” at the time of the opening of MEET Bar. You are invited to visit the East Secret Passage that has been opened at night for the first time in five decades before enjoying a drink in the bar. No matter what social status you hold, you can pass the original cave that connects the previous existence and present life of The Grand Hotel, find yourself in the Secret Garden, and silently admire the former residence of Kung Ling-Wei as long as you visit MEET Bar. On your way back to the bar, you can even order a glass of “Red House” cocktail for the occasion and enjoy a discount with the presentation of your admission bracelet given by MEET Bar for you to appreciate history while feeling slightly intoxicated.

Information on Servicing Hours

     New Year's Eve 2024:18:00-01:30
     Opening Hours:Mondays to Sundays from 18:00 to 01:00.
     The opening hours of the Secret East Passage:18:00 to 21:30.

     Reservation hotline:
     09:00-16:00  Please dial ( 02 ) 2886 - 1818 #1281 
     16:00-01:00  Please dial ( 02 ) 2886 - 1818 #1998

Contact Information
02 2886 1818 #1998
Cuisines:Red House, National Banquet Wine, Banquet of Street Food
Telephone Number:02 2886 1818 #1998
Service Hours:Mondays to Sundays from 18:00 to 01:00.
Note:●Meet Bar Admission Wristband:NT$500+10% per person
Guests wearing a wristband can enter the Secret East Passage between 18:00-21:30 upon submission of the “Alcohol (No Intake of Alcohol) Declaration”. Can be used as a discount in a full amount. (A 10% discount at Meet Bar will be offered to guests who present the room card, uniform invoice of the day or Yuanshan Club membership card or who purchase Grand Hotel branded products for more than NT$1,000)
●Night Exploration of the Secret East Passage:NT$250+10% per person
By presenting this coupon, guests can visit the Secret East Passage between 18:00-21:30 and drink soft drink beverage.
※The “Meet Bar Admission Wristband” can be used as a discount in a full amount.
※The minimum spend per person is NT$500+10%.
※The minimum spend for private room areas is NT$5,000 per person.
※A service fee of 10% will be added to all prices separately. No corkage is offered.
※The opening hours of the Secret East Passage is from 18:00 to 21:30. Please visit the Secret East Passage before drinking an alcoholic beverage.
※The latest order time is 22:00 (beverage is excluded therefrom).
※In the event of special personal circumstances, cleaning fee will be charged accordingly.
※No entrance for guests under 18 years old

《No drunk driving ∣ Please do not drink if you are a minor∣Excessive drinking is harmful to health. 》
Unique Feature of the Restaurant